Search for the Phoenix

Search for the Phoenix

Play Search for the Phoenix and you could win a batch of free spins!

    Search for the Phoenix - Free Game Overview

    You will play the daily free game Search for the Phoenix on a 10x9 phoenix mosaic, where are able to uncover free spins that can be used on our corresponding online slot game Secrets of the Phoenix.

    Select tiles on the grid and symbols will be revealed. If a Skull symbol is revealed, it is counted as a miss.

    For every day that you play Search for the Phoenix, you will receive a total of six picks.

    The game board will be wiped at midnight each Sunday, so to have a better chance of winning you must revisit the game.

    You will only be eligible to play Search for the Phoenix if you have made a deposit of a minimum of $10 on-site in the past.

    Special Game

    You can also win free spins on the final day of every month, and you will receive one pick for each day that you played this free game. The more you play our free games, you the more likely you are to land a prize in this special game.

    You will only be able to play the monthly free game if you return on the last day of the month.

    In the monthly free game, you must choose Phoenix Eggs located on a 7x7 grid. You could then win up to 10 free spins from these eggs.

    There will be a one-time only bonus given to you on the first occasion that you play the monthly free game. This will be worth one free pick for each day that the current game has been available to play.