Tiki's Catch of the Day

Tiki's Catch of the Day

Reel in some nice prizes when you play Tiki's Catch of the Day, one of our daily free games.

    Tiki's Catch of the Day - Free Game Overview

    Take a trip inside Tiki's lagoon and discover a 10x9 grid that features free spins for you to win in this daily free game.

    You must choose squares on the grid to reveal the item hiding behind them.

    In order to pull the item out from behind the square, you will use the fishing rod in the game. Possible items are a Tiki Island character, one of five fish with differing colours, or an old boot.

    Prizes will be won when you match a certain number of fish or character symbols.

     This daily free game can only be accessed if you've made a deposit of $10 or more at Tropicana Casino previously.

    If you manage to win some free spins on Tiki's Catch of the Day, they will be playable on our slot game Tiki Island, where you could potentially unlock win multipliers worth up to 100x your bet size!

    Catch of the Month

    There is also a bonus monthly free game called Tiki's Catch of the Month, where you could win more free spin! This game will be available only on the last day of each month.

    You will be awarded one pick for every day that you've played Tiki's Catch of the Day during the month. This means that you will have a better chance to win prizes if you play our daily free game more regularly.

    You will not be able to play the special monthly game if you fail to play Tiki's Catch of the Day on the final day of the month.

    When you play the special monthly free game, you will select shells that are found on a 7x7 grid. These shells will unveil different prizes, with up to 10 free spins on Tiki Island up for grabs.

    By playing Tiki's Catch of the Month feature for the first time, you will be eligible to receive a one-off bonus! This will give you a free pick for each day that the current monthly game has been active.