90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo

Fun times await in our Discovery room, where you will find the awesome 90 Ball Bingo game for a chance to win up to three cash prizes. 

    90 Ball Bingo - How to Play

    Offering a traditional bingo experience, this game gives you the chance to win up to three prizes each time you play.

    How to Play

    Begin by purchasing your desired amount of bingo tickets - make sure you click on the 'Buy' button in order to confirm your purchase.

    You will then be ready to play your game at the designated start time. 

    It is also possible to pre-purchase tickets for the next 90 Ball Bingo game - do this by clicking 'Quick Buy'.

    As with all 90-ball bingo games, the action takes place on 9x3 card containing 15 numbers. 

    The aim is to mark the numbers on your card(s) off as quickly as possible.

    Numbers will be automatically crossed off for you in this game, meaning you do not need to be present to watch the game unfold.

    Any wins will be automatically credited to your account. 

    How to Win

    You have three opportunities to win at 90 Ball Bingo. 

    Prizes are awarded to the first player(s) to complete one line, two lines and a full house respectively:

    • One line - cross off all numbers on any horizontal line
    • Two lines - cross off all numbers on any two horizontal line
    • Full house - cross off all numbers on your whole ticket

    The value of the cash prizes increase as the game progresses, i.e. you will win more for winning a full house than one line. 


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